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  • I would like to thank you first for this nice invitation at the conference LOPS 2021. The conference was very interesting, well organized and very inspiring for interaction and collaborations. I was impressed by the organization I found very efficient and flexible. The conference gave me the opportunity to present my research to a global audience creating an excellent synergy. Experience we have to do it again every year for sure! Looking forward to see you next year! 

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    • Nicolas Javahiraly, Project manager, Expert, The Sagem Defense group,  University of Strasbourg, France
  • The Universal Journal of Lasers, Optics, Photonics & Sensors is a new and exciting online journal which brings to the reader the latest advances in cutting-edge research in a timely fashion.  Its published articles have been subject to rigorous peer review, which helps maintain top quality of each issue. 

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    • Prof. Thomas F. George, Chancellor Emeritus / Professor Emeritus of Chemistry and Physics, University of Missouri-St. Louis

Editor Biography

Danling Wang  

North Dakota State University, USA


Danling Wang is an Assistant Professor of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at North Dakota State University, where she has been since 2016. Dr. Wang graduated from Department of Electrical Engineering in University of Washington, Seattle, in 2014. Since 2008, her research is focused on investigation of portable chemiresistive sensors particularly based on nanostructured materials such as metal-oxide semiconductors in application to explosive detector in industry and military, and breath analyzer for early stage disease diagnosis. The theme of her research is to create high performance sensor devices through exploring the relationships between the composition/structure of materials and their electric, optical and electrochemical properties and studying the interaction between gas molecules and a solid-state film. The main goal of her research is to deliver in-depth fundamental research with regard to sensor materials and devices in application of disease diagnosis, health status monitoring, industrial and food safety.

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