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  • I would like to thank you first for this nice invitation at the conference LOPS 2021. The conference was very interesting, well organized and very inspiring for interaction and collaborations. I was impressed by the organization I found very efficient and flexible. The conference gave me the opportunity to present my research to a global audience creating an excellent synergy. Experience we have to do it again every year for sure! Looking forward to see you next year! 

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    • Nicolas Javahiraly, Project manager, Expert, The Sagem Defense group,  University of Strasbourg, France
  • The Universal Journal of Lasers, Optics, Photonics & Sensors is a new and exciting online journal which brings to the reader the latest advances in cutting-edge research in a timely fashion.  Its published articles have been subject to rigorous peer review, which helps maintain top quality of each issue. 

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    • Prof. Thomas F. George, Chancellor Emeritus / Professor Emeritus of Chemistry and Physics, University of Missouri-St. Louis

Editor Biography

Ephraim Suhir

University of California, USA


Dr. Suhir is Distinguished Member of Technical Staff (ret), Bell Laboratories, Basic Research, Physical Sciences and Engineering Research Division, Murray Hill, NJ. He is currently on the faculty of the Electrical Engineering Dept. University of California, Santa Cruz, CA. He is also Visiting Professor, Mechanical Engineering Dept., University of Maryland, College Park, MD; and Guest Professor, Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Xi’an, China. He is Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), the American Physical Society (APS), the Institute of Physics(IoP), UK, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers(ASME), and the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE).

Dr. Suhir has been recently elected as Foreign Full Member (Academician) of the National Academy of Engineering and Technological Sciences, Ukraine; as Fulbright Scholar, Council for International Exchange of Scholars (CIES), StateDepartment, US; and as Editor, Silicon Valley Engineering Council (SVEC) Journal. He is Member of the Board of Governors and Distinguished Lecturer of the IEEE CPMT (Components, Packaging and Manufacturing Technology) Society, Associate Editor of the IEEE CPMT Transactions on Advanced Packaging, Member of the ECTC (Electronic Components and Technology Conference) Applied Reliability Subcommittee, the IEEE CPMT award committee, the IEEEFellow nomination committee, and the ASME General Awards committee.

Dr. Suhir is a co-founder of the ASME Journal of Electronic Packaging and served as its Technical Editor for eight years (1993-2001). He has authored about 300 technical publications (patents, papers, book chapters, books), including books “Structural Analysis in Microelectronics and Fiber Optics”, Van-Nostrand, 1991, and “Applied Probability for Engineers and Scientists”, McGraw-Hill, 1997. Dr. Suhir is editor of the Springer book series on physics, mechanics and packaging of microelectronic and photonic systems. He organized many successful conferences and symposia and presented numerous keynote and invited talks worldwide.

Dr. Suhir received many professional awards, including: 2004 ASME Worcester Read Warner Medal for outstanding contributions to the permanent literature of engineering through a series of papers in Mechanical, Microelectronic, and Optoelectronic Engineering, which established a new discipline known as the Structural Analysis of Microelectronic and Photonic Systems (he is the third Russian American, after Steven Timoshenko and Igor Sikorsky, who received this prestigious award); 2001 IMAPS John A. Wagnon Technical Achievement Award for outstanding contributions to the technical knowledge of the microelectronics, optoelectronics, and packaging industry; 2000 IEEE-CPMT Outstanding Sustained Technical Contribution Award for outstanding, sustained and continuing contributions to the technologies infields encompassed by the CPMT Society; 2000 SPE International Engineering/Technology (Fred O. Conley) Award for outstanding pioneering and continuing contributions to plastics engineering; 1999 ASME and Pi-Tau-Sigma Charles Russ Richards Memorial Award for outstanding contributions to mechanical engineering, and 1996 Bell Laboratories Distinguished Member of Technical Staff Award for developing extremely accurate and robust engineering mechanics methods for predicting the reliability, performance, and mechanical behavior of complex structures used in manufacturing Lucent Technologies products.

Research Interest

Research Gate Data:
Profile strength: all-star 
RG score: 41.35 (higher than 97.5% of RG members) 
Downloads (“Reads”): 21,097
Citations: 4,612

  • Mechanical and thermodynamic aspects of electronic and photonic packaging
  • Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, Applied and Mathematical Physics
  • Materials Science and Engineering
  • Aerospace Electronics and Photonics
  • Design for Reliability (DfR) of Electronic, Opto-Electronic and Photonic Assemblies, Packages and Systems
  • Applied Probability and Probabilistic DfR of Electronic and Photonic Devices and Systems
  • Analytical (Mathematical) Modeling in Applied Science and Engineering
  • Photonics, Fiber Optics, Mechanics of Optical Fibers 
  • Thin Film Mechanics and Physics
  • Shock and Vibration Analyses and Testing
  • Dynamic Response of Materials and Structures to Shocks and Vibrations
  • Thermal Stress Analysis, Prediction and Prevention of Thermal Stress Failures in Electronics and Optics
  • Solder Materials and Solder Joint Interconnections in Electronic and Optical Engineering
  • Polymeric Materials in Electronics and Photonics
  • Photovoltaic and Thermo-Electric Modules: Physical Design for Reliability
  • Stretchable (Large Area) Electronics and Photonics: Physical Design for Reliability
  • Lattice-Misfit Systems: Stress Analysis and Reliability Evaluations
  • Technical Diagnostics, Prognostics and Health Monitoring (PHM)
  • Vehicular (Aerospace, Automotive, Maritime, Railroad) Electronics and Photonics: Design for Reliability
  • “Human-in-the-Loop”: Human-System Integration